Injection molding process stage

- May 25, 2018-

The injection molding process can be roughly divided into the following 6 stages:

Clamping, injection, pressure keeping, cooling, mold opening, product removal.

The above-mentioned process is repeated, and the products can be periodically produced in batches. Thermosetting plastics and rubber molding also include the same process, but the barrel temperature is lower than the thermoplastic, the injection pressure is higher, the mold is heated, the material injection is completed in the mold curing or vulcanization process, and then hot to remove film .

The current trend of processing technology is developing in the direction of high and new technologies. These technologies include: micro injection molding, high-filling composite injection molding, water-assisted injection molding, mixed use of various special injection molding processes, foam injection molding, mold technology, and simulation technology.