Plastic mold structure parts

- May 25, 2018-

1. Composition

The structure of blow molds, casting molds and thermoforming molds is relatively simple.

The structure of compression molds, injection molds, and transfer molds is relatively complex, and there are also many parts that make up such molds.

The basic parts are:

1 Molded parts, including female dies, punch dies, and various molding cores, are parts of the inner and outer surfaces of the molded article or upper and lower faces, side holes, undercuts, and threads.

2 supporting fixed parts, including mold base plate, fixed plate, support plate, pad block, etc., to fix the mold or support pressure.

3 Guide parts, including guide posts and guide sleeves, are used to determine the relative position of the movement of the mold or ejection mechanism.

4 Core-pulling parts, including oblique pins, sliders, etc., are used to draw out the movable core when the mold is opened to release the product.

5 Push out parts, including push rod, push tube, push block, push plate, push ring, push rod fixed plate, push plate, etc., to make the product demoulding. The promotion of injection molds adopts standard mold bases. The mold bases are assembled from basic parts with standardized, serialized structure, form, and dimensions.